I've been bending the web to my will for more than a dozen years. Whether it's been building enterprise e-commerce sites, customizing Wordpress, writing custom JavaScript or making use of jQuery to fine tune interaction, building and designing for the web is my passion.


Designer, Developer and general web junky

2013 - current : Puppet : Sr. Front-end Engineer

UX Front-end engineering including application protoype design & development, UI/UX pattern design & development, user testing. Prototype platform development using VMWare, Docker.

Front-end developmentfor Drupal web site, Sass, JavaScript/jQuery and Ember development.

2012 - 2013 : Intel : UI & Android Application Development

UI/UX design & development using standard front-end web technologies and Android application development for Android based smart phone applications. Development included JavaScript/jQuery, Android application tools.

2011 - 2012 : Adaptu : Front-end Development

Custom Wordpress development which included customized security development, front-end design & development, Salesforce and Jive development. Also included Flash design and development, responsive email development and Facebook application development and integration.

2001 - 2011 : Zippo : Senior Internet Designer

Front-end, UI/UX design and development. Custom Wordpress design & development including localization. SQL database management and ASP/ASP.NET development. Flash Design & Development, photography, cinematography and non-linear video editing for broadcast quality commercials, advertisiments and documentaries.


Designer, Developer and general web junky

In my grab-bag of tools you'll find Sass, jQuery, Foundation, PHP, React, Ember and others being coerced into playing nice.

I don't ignore our mobile friends either. I build responsive sites that are designed for a cohesive, singular experience regardless of the size of the screen it's viewed on.

All the while keeping the Social aspect close at hand, working with Marketing teams to incorporate the web presence into social markets to further enhance reach and expand the conversation.

Semantic & responsive design/development







Mobile application design/development

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BFA : Pacific NW College of Art : 1998

Major: Photography

Minor: Graphic Design, Illustration

Training & Additional Education

  • ReactJS Application Development
  • Interaction Design
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Microsoft ASP & ASP.NET Web Application Development
  • MS SQL Database Architecture & Management